Whether you are hosting a small get-together or a big party, you should ensure your guests are welcome and comfortable with the food. Foods and beverages are an essential part of any occasion and celebration. If your guests follow a Halal diet then you should bring foods and drinks that are Halal certified. Do not bring anything associated with Haram and that should do. Additionally, Halal foods are also good for health because it does not include processed foods which also means the foods are free from dilutes. Anyway, for the supply you should only get Halal foods from your local halal store.

Best Advice to Host a Party  

More people are now switching to Halal and kosher diets which means if you host an event your guests will be more than happy to find Halal-certified food and beverages. Avoid serving Haram foods like pork, alcohol, reptiles and shellfish that adhere to the Hala or Kosher diet.  Both Halal and Kosher diets are the same so if you cannot find Halal foods in your area you can choose Kosher foods. When shopping for Halal foods avoid Supermarkets although they have a Halal section now you should not take the risk. Meanwhile, you should support the local businesses because our Muslim brothers running local halal food near me store is much more reliable. They know the customs of Islam and adhere to the rules made by Allah so there is no way they will ever resort to non-Halal ways. Non-Halal foods at the event can contaminate the Halal foods so do not bring non-Halal foods or you will offend the guests.

Parties Are Incomplete Without Drinks

You cannot possibly host an event without drinks of course you would expect some beer, alcohol, and whiskey but that would be a grave mistake. If you are a follower of Islam then you know it is a sinful thought and a crime that will haunt your soul even after death. Stick to Allah’s said path and bring only local halal food including beverages. Your Muslim guests would be expecting something lighter to drink like fruit juice, tea, coffee sparkling water, or maybe some refreshing drinks. Do not worry, you will find these drinks in the local halal store and they know the ideal beverages for the party. 

Main Course for Your Guests

Your guests should be expecting something good for the main course and here you should ensure you’ve got Halal-certified meat and local Halal food near me. That also proves that the meat and chicken are butchered as per the guidance of the Islamic Dietary Law. If you live near an ethnic butcher, then getting local Halal meat should not be a problem. Nevertheless, make sure the stores have a reliable source of Halal beef, chicken, lamb and goat. You can even order these foods online from a reliable Halal food store.

Do not forget vegan dishes and seafood although Islam does not recognize seafood you can have freshly caught fish for your guests. You can have them from the local food near me store very easily, just do not bring crabs, shellfish, oysters and octopus. 

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